Top 5 Barbados Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Barbados

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Just imagine relaxing in the tranquillity of the island that is Barbados, like me you are probably dreaming of going to this island for the first time or again in my case. But have no fear as I am here to help you get your feet off the ground and into a plane to go and visit this luxurious island.

Time to pause here and grab a coffee and your credit card as hopefully by the end of this blog you will be booking the next flight to Barbados to enjoy some of its mouthwatering food, or do what I am currently doing while writing this blog and stuff your face full of chocolate!

Barbados is an island on the east edge of the Caribbean, from its stunning beaches to its hot, sunny climate all year round the island is a hot spot for all travellers. But don’t think this is all Barbados has to offer, the island also dishes out some incredible and unmissable scenery from the high climbing hills to the calm, flat Caribbean sea, Barbados has everything for everyone.

So now its time to move on to the reason you are probably here, and that is the food! For anyone that knows me, you will know I love my food hence being overweight, or as I like to call it cuddly, yes I cringed a little while writing that. But I would like to think that my large appetite would leave me in a good place to be able to advise you on some good, high quality but affordable restaurants in Barbados.


Zaccios (Holetown)

Ollie at Zaccios In Barbados

OMG, I love this place, not just for its excellent food but also its location. Zaccios is in Holetown and is based on the edge of the beach so you can enjoy a romantic meal for 2 overlooking the Caribbean Sea while sipping one of their incredible cocktails.
Zaccios was our last meal when we visited Barbados in April 2018, and we could not have asked for a better night.

They say the staff can make or break a restaurant and in this case, they 100% made it, from being so helpful for my niece’s allergies to making us laugh all night long they certainly did go above and beyond to make our last night a special one.


Tapas (Hastings)

Laura at Tapas Barbados

So Laura had been banging on at me for the whole holiday to have tapas, but I just didn’t see the point. I can’t get my head around paying for six small dishes and sharing my food with her when I could order a massive plate, but then we visited Tapas, yes the restaurant is called Tapas.

Tapas offers so much for a reasonable price that I completely fell in love with it plus the Fried Calamari is to die for! But don’t worry if you are not a tapas lover as the restaurant also offers main meals, but to be honest what is the point of going to a restaurant called Tapas and not having tapas?

I can now tell you I have changed my mind about tapas after visiting here, well maybe not the sharing bit but that’s just me being piggish. To find out more about Tapas, click here.


Just Grillin (Holetown or Rockley)

Just Grillin Barbados

A man’s paradise (or women’s #feminist)! If you like meat, then this is the place for you. From its Grilled 8oz Steak to its Jerk Chicken, Just Grillin has such an array of food options for you to choose from plus all at an exceptional price.

I found Just Grillin in Holetown to be slightly better than the one in Rockley, but this was mainly due to the lack of seats at the Rockley Just Grillin.
So all in all Just Grillin is a fabulous place to visit when you come to Barbados, just remember not to eat lunch as I couldn’t walk out of the restaurant after eating their large portions. See the Menu.



I love this place but my head doesn’t that next day! Oistins is such a good place to visit for some great food as most of the food served is from the day’s catch, but don’t worry if fish is not your things as chicken, macaroni pie and plenty more can be found here.

So although Oistins is a town and not a restaurant I had to list it as the town has so many food vendors it would be impossible to narrow them down to the best ones.

Without a doubt the best day to go to Oistins is Friday about 5:45 pm to walk along the beach and catch the Sunset and then around 7 pm the food will start to be served for you to enjoy.

Oistins is not just a hit with the adults but is also a great place to bring the children as you can take a walk along the beachfront after some food and see the arts and crafts that are on sale.


Food vans

If you love a bit of home food with the touch of local added then these vans are the thing for you. They are mainly run by the women and can be found all across the island, just look for a long line of people behind a white van.

From the unbeatable Barbados Macaroni Pie to the incredible fishcakes these catering vans have so much to offer to quench your taste buds, and best of all it is probably one of the most affordable ways to eat out on the island as for around $15 Barbados Dollars you can have some macaroni pie, chicken, potatoes and salad and a drink, that’s about £6($7.50USD).


So there is my list of the Top 5 Barbados Restaurants to visit, of course, I always tell people don’t just listen to me but go out and find some restaurants for yourself as these are just my recommendations and everyone is different.

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