Top 5 Barbados Beaches

Stunning Beaches in Barbados

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Barbados is without a doubt a paradise island resting on the East edge of the Caribbean. From its exotic beaches to long climbing hills Barbados has so much to offer, but if you are anything like us then going to the beach on your holiday is without the number one most important thing to do.

Barbados is not the biggest island. It is only 21 miles in length and 14 miles in width so even if you do not have access to a car, getting around the island using their public transport is very easy, just bring a fan as those Barbados buses can get very hot!

I have been fortunate to visit this Island over six times and have managed to explore many different beaches from the strong current, high waves of the East coast to the calm, relaxing and tranquil soundings of the West coast. I have listed below the top 5 beaches that we have fallen in love with.


Paynes Bay Beach

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If you like somewhere that is relaxing that offers a high chance of seeing turtles, then Paynes Bay Beach is for you, its Located along the west coast, in the parish of St.James area of Barbados. It’s easy to get to but parking can be tricky so make sure you leave early or like we mentioned earlier get one of the blue buses which has a stop just outside the beach.

Water sports is something that this beach has to offer, from jet skiing to catamaran sailing but best of all if you love to snorkel as much as we do then Paynes Bay Beach has a fantastic netted off snorkelling area perfect for any age.

A great little gem of a place to stay in is the Sunset Villa, from its stunning views to its perfect location it is a steal of a villa. It is also only 10-minute drive from Paynes Bay Beach.


Rockley / Accra Beach

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Without a doubt one of our favourite beaches on the whole of the island! It offers so much from being able to relax on the sunbeds to getting out into the sea and experiencing those exciting waves.

If you like taking photos as much as we do then this is the perfect beach for you as we spent many hours here trying to take those ideal Instagram shots.

Rockley / Accra Beach also offers water sports activities such as windsurfing, catamaran rides and body surfing, so we are sure you will find something to do here to please the children, or in our case, the big children aka the adults.

If you are the walking type, then Rockley / Accra Beach is also the start/end of the Barbados boardwalk that takes around 20 minutes to walk at a good pace. Also, the boardwalk offers a great chance to get some holiday snaps as around 6 pm in the summer the sun begins to set which provides an unmissable opportunity to see the stunning Barbados sunset.

Staying close to this beach is a great chance to be able to explore it in more detail and we cannot think of a better place to offer than the Accra Beach Hotel. From its fantastic sea facing rooms to its nightlife, the hotel provides it all, plus you can just walk onto the beach from the hotel.


Miami Beach / Enterprise Beach

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I love this beach for its body boarding, or in my case body failing as I am unable to stay on a body board. I blame being overweight for this one!

Miami Beach offers fantastic chair and umbrella rentals for a fair price from the local vendors, and as we tell everybody, you can also barter the price down.

One of the best things about this beach for the food lovers like me is the catering van that offers everything, but you only need two things, and they are the local fishcakes and a cold drink, make sure you drink! There are lots of picnic benches around this beach located in the shade for you to enjoy those fishcakes.


Mullins Beach

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The beach is located in the parish of St.Peter area of the island and is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast. Mullins has a fantastic spacious car park just a very short walk away from the beach.

Mullins is the perfect beach for relaxing and getting to spend some time relaxing in that Barbados sun, just make sure you don’t do what I do and get burnt on your first day.

Mullins beach also offers a great place to grab a snack or why not come back later in the day and enjoy a romantic sunset dinner overlooking the beach.


The Crane Beach

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I would recommend this beach for the adults, the main reason being is the beach is used by the guest from the Crane Resort which we tend to find is mainly adults staying there, but the children are still definitely welcome.

The beach is located on the South East Coast where the Caribbean and Atlantic sea meet resulting in probably one of the best beaches on the island. With its turquoise coloured water to its high side cliffs, the beach has such an array of scenery for everybody.

The best part about this beach is without a doubt the Crane Resort, to be honest, I could write a whole review of this hotel but why not just click here and check it out yourself.


So there is a list of our favourite five beaches in Barbados, of course, there are more, but I had to stop typing somewhere as I could probably list another 10 with ease. As with any recommendations from us we say don’t just listen to us but go and explore yourself as you might just find your perfect little treasure from your stay in Barbados.

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