How To Find Cheap Flights to Malta

Cheap Flights to Malta

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If you are anything like Laura and myself then finding cheap flights is a must to be able to afford a holiday. I spend hours each week looking through many different websites to be able to find cheap flights to many destinations across the world, so I thought why not give you guys some advice on how and what I do to find the low-cost flights to Malta.

In this blog, I will give you some advice on what websites I find best to find those cheap flights to Malta, plus give you some advice on how to keep the travel cost down whether you are a business traveller or just going for a holiday.


About Malta

Malta is a small island just south of Italy. Its one of my top 5 destinations to visit before 25 as it has so much to offer from stunning scenery to its pristine beaches, but best of all with its warm summer temperatures all year round it is simply one of the best places to relax without the worry of getting cold, unless you are Laura who gets cold in Barbados.

I have been fortunate to Visit Malta twice in the space of one year and both times without a doubt fell in love with the island. For me, it’s not just the cheap flights to Malta that draw me in but the fact that the island is only a few hours flight from home (UK), plus it’s one of the cheapest Eurozone countries out there that we have found so far.


Getting there

Getting to Malta is so easy, from Easyjet, Ryanair, Air Malta to Lufthansa and British Airways you will have a broad range of airline carriers to choose from.

Summer Time: Of course going this time of the year will push the price up not just on the flights but also the hotels, but for example, you can get from London to Malta and back again for around £90 ($118USD) per person with one piece of hold luggage.

Winter: Getting to Malta in the winter time is even cheaper, for example, I went in December 2017 and paid only £42 ($55USD) for a return flight from Gatwick to Malta, if I were to take hold luggage as well it would have been around £75 ($98USD) for a return trip, that’s cheaper then getting a train from my local town to Manchester.


Find Cheap Flights

Skyscanner is without the best way to compare the flight costs from most airlines. Click the image below to visit Skyscanner.

Laura & Ollie Skyscanner



I hope you found this short article helpful with your search for cheap flights to Malta. Of course, there are loads of other ways to find cheap flights, but I wanted this to be short and sweet and show you how I search the internet for flights to Malta.

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