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So where do I start, well how about a quick introduction to our website Laura & Ollie. We are just a normal(ish) couple from Surrey, England taking the time to explore some of the world and share our journey with you.

We left on this crazy adventure on September 2018 and have not looked back since, although we have not spent long on the road, both Laura and I are fortunate to have already explored some of the world before we met from places like Barbados to Australia.

Since we left a short while ago, Laura and I have both fallen in love with travelling and experiencing parts of the world not many people get to visit, so we have taken the decision it’s time to try and earn some money to carry on our crazy adventure. We have only saved enough money to take us until the end of February 2018, so we have made it our mission to try and gather a small income through blogging to help us continue travelling.

Now on to the reason you are here, and that’s hopefully to find out how much it costs to travel to Hong Kong, while Hong Kong is not the cheapest place to visit it can definitely be done on a tight budget.


Hong Kong Travel Costs: £673 / $879

From the start, we knew that Hong Kong would sting our wallets slightly, but we soon came to realises that if you take the time to look around and find good deals in Hong Kong, you can save a lot of money.


Flights = £368 / $482 + 25000 Miles

Now, everybody I meet that is interested in travel I always tell them to start collecting Airmiles and this is so relevant as we managed to grab ourselves a flight leaving from Heathrow to Hong Kong with Virgin for 25000 miles plus £368/$482.

Now it might seem a lot but for some reason travelling from the UK to a destination always seems to cost a lot, but for example on how cheap it is the other way we are visiting the UK in February 2019 for 25000 miles plus £30/$40, that’s a big difference.


Accommodation: £182 / $237

We could not have asked for a better place in Hong Kong, although it might have been small it was in the perfect location right next to everything and only a 10-minute walk to the ferries over to the South Island.

I have left a link here to our Airbnb if you wish to stay here yourself, it’s easy to get to and a great host.

If you would like £25 off your first Airbnb, then click here.


Food: £66 / $86

Without a doubt the most critical factor when it comes to travel planning as it is impossible to live without food, or in my case fizzy drinks, I’m sorry Laura, but I am not giving them up!

When planning our trip to Hong Kong we worried about the high food prices, but we were shocked when we realised its not that bad if you stick to the street food and not eat in fancy restaurants. Although we only had a small budget of around £40 for food both of us while we were in Hong Kong, we did splash out on a sit-down meal at the end as we have some money left.


Transport: £35.80 / $46 

Well, so far this is the cheapest country we have been to for public transport costs, from the free buses near the airport to the city centre to the 22p ferry over to the South Island we were pleasantly shocked on how cheap it is.

We like to break down our transport costs for you into sections as it makes it easier for you to budget how much it costs for each mode of transport in Hong Kong.

  • Airport Travel: £30 / $38
  • Ferries: £0.80 / $1
  • Tube/Metros: £5 / $7
  • Buses: £0 / $0
  • Taxies: £0 / $0


Activities: £19 / $25

There is so much to do in Hong Kong, and not enough time to do it all, so we recommend spend a good few days here and fit in as much as possible, you won’t regret it.

Although I could sit here and list a load of things to do in Hong Kong I recommend you just read our Top 5 Things To Do In Hong Kong blog to help you get some ideas.


Souvenirs: £2 / $2.60

As much as I am all about the photos and memory’s, Laura likes to have a physical souvenir from most places we visit to help her remember that part of the trip.

I know that budgeting can be hard to fit in souvenirs and memorabilia, but it is definitely worth it as these help you remember all the good times and sometimes not so good times while on your travels.




Although Hong Kong is not a cheap city to visit, it definitely can be done on a budget, for example without flights for 2 people it cost us £304 / $397 for 3 days which is roughly £100 / $130 a day. Not bad.

If you find these travel cost reports helpful, then let us know below.

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Welcome to Laura & Ollie. Our plan is to Travel most of the world by the time we get to 30! Now that might be 5 years away but the world is a pretty big place, apparently! We are just 2 normal(ish) people from the UK looking to explore a whole new world and share it with you.

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