Heathrow To Hong Kong

The start of our travel adventure

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Just Prior: Hong Kong Weather Headline; Typhoon Mangkhut hits mainland China and lashes Hong Kong. But I’ll come back to that.


So as some may know, packing for travelling also meant packing up everything I own/ the Big Spring Clean. A huge task for me but I managed to pack the last few boxes before our departure. They just came for a ride to the airport before going to Ollie’s.

After getting a little overwhelmed by the obstacle of “do I roll my clothes together” or do every single item at a time (singular was better) we were packed and heading out. It was then, halfway into the journey to the airport I realised I couldn’t find our Hong Kong money.

Where did the money go? Where did I put 900 dollars!!!

So, after a phone call getting my sister to rummage through my rubbish bin (thank you Ant), with the contents of my hand luggage emptied everywhere, it occurred to me I had several packed boxes behind. I fished the top one over opened it up and low and behold, lying right on top, a wallet full of money.


From that point, it was pretty smooth getting through departures.

  • Check-In Done
  • Baggage Done
  • Lounge found Done (We chose No1. Lounge using our Priority Pass)
  • Supper Done
  • Ollie Second Supper Done


For all geographers, the typhoon currently is a No.10 due to go down to a No.3 by the time we arrive, aka rain and high winds.


No. 1 Lounge

We like this lounge a lot, its big enough your able to find a vacant seat with sofa’s, desk chairs and the occasional armchair. There is a free buffet which had soup, salad, bread and a selection of foods from the menu to choose from which are free. Not to mention the free alcohol ?

Laura in Heathrows No1 Lounge


The Flight

The 11hr 30min flight was actually ok. We decided to sleep for the second half, but I think we only slept for around 4-5hrs total. The pilot announced due to the weather conditions “we may have to circle until we find an opening to land, but not to worry as we have plenty of fuel”. There were a few bouts of turbulence along the way, but we landed smoothly.  We took the Airplane Express train for $75 HKD each towards Kowloon, and it turns out you can get a free shuttle bus which happened to stop only a few streets away from our Airbnb.

After passing the entrance to our place 11a three times (it was a tattoo/insurance company/restaurant/resident’s doorway), up four flights of stairs, through a metal gate, lockbox and two locked doors and we were in.  Small and cosy but what has turned out to be a great location. We popped over the road to 7Eleven to grab water and breakfast bars for the morning before settling in and nodding off or in Ollie’s case faceplanting onto the bed.

Laura in Hong Kong | Laura and Ollie

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